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Nate Berkus' Top 5 Pieces Of Furniture If You're Starting From Scratch In A New Home

Mar 12, 2024Mar 12, 2024

Nate Berkus has been a trusted source of advice and inspiration for home design ever since he first appeared on the "Oprah Winfrey Show" in 2002. His relaxed approach to interior decorating gives his audience the confidence to create comfortable and beautiful spaces of their own. In a recent home and design advice chat, one reader asked him which five pieces of furniture he would recommend to a person who was moving to a new home and was starting with nothing. "A sofa, a pair of chairs, an upholstered headboard, a pair of night tables, and a pair of vintage table lamps," he answered, per The Washington Post. These suggestions are significant because they represent a functional start for a new home but one that is already filled with warmth and character. It's a style that this designer is known for: classic, comfortable, and with antique accents for added interest.

As you choose items to decorate your residence, Berkus encourages everyone to choose a style that suits them without trying to follow a particular trend. "Design is really about finding a style that represents who you are and not following the trends in magazines," Berkus told The Washington Post. "Keep the sofa large, and remember that no one will be comfortable in your tiny chairs!" Here are several suggestions to consider as you arrange these five pieces of furniture in your own home.

A great way to find inspiration for these items is to look at the pieces Nate Berkus and his partner, Jeremiah Brent, designed together. The Nate and Jeremiah collection is filled with home decor items that reflect the point of view of each designer, particularly Berkus' affection for classic style and Brent's affinity for more contemporary design. This luxurious Marcel Modular Sectional, sold on Living Spaces, is the type of sofa that would work well in any home, with plenty of space for adults, children, and pets. This particular piece can be configured to maximize the space in a living room and seat everyone comfortably. Nate and Jeremiah have an active home with their design business and two small children, so they designed a large, comfortable sofa that would be an integral part of a family lifestyle.

The L-shape of the sectional presents different styling opportunities, such as the addition of a large square coffee table in the center that complements the right angles of the sofa. Or you can choose to contrast these angular lines with a round table in the middle and a circular side table on each end. The couch can be customized from a large variety of colors and textures, making it easy to enhance the style of any room or type of decor.

The Poäng Armchair from IKEA is a stylish, curved piece that has been around for years. You can choose the cushions' color and the wood frame's tone to complement your living area, then relax and enjoy the arched bentwood and comfortable, springy support. The matching Poäng ottoman is a handsome addition available separately, and this set will inspire your guests to carry on their conversations late into the evening in your new home. Keep in mind that the color combinations will vary in price.

Position two chairs in your living room, or keep one in the bedroom for a relaxing read before bed. Place a side table next to the chair with a small stack of books and a table lamp to create the perfect reading nook. Or set a floor lamp near the chair for additional illumination, with a large leafy plant nearby for a touch of greenery. Creating this comfortable environment will make it easy to find a few minutes to catch up on the new mystery you've been dying to finish.

With its tufted texture and stylish nailhead border, the Hitchens Upholstered Headboard from Wayfair brings to mind a relaxing evening reading in bed or a lazy weekend morning. The headboard's metal studs can beautifully complement other silver decor, such as the handles of a side table or a pair of candlestick holders. You can choose either a neutral gray or beige color, providing a soothing palette that will look beautiful next to artwork of similar shades. When considering other upholstered headboard options, there is a variety to choose from, such as a panel or wingback design or a smooth and sleek or velvety and luxurious fabric. To create interest and complementary texture, lay a woven blanket or basket nearby.

If you're not a fan of neutrals, plenty of headboards are available in vibrant jewel shades, such as the Brooke-Elise Upholstered Headboard in light purple, which can easily become the focal point of a room. Create a whimsical look with fairy lights strung along the wall behind the bed, or coordinate the color with window curtains bordered in a similar shade of purple.

The Big Daddy's Antiques Metal Nightstand from Pottery Barn has a handsome top made of reclaimed wood and set within a metal frame. Its unique blend of industrial chic with a warm wood surface creates a look that suits any bedroom style. The patina of the metal frame is a neutral matte gray that blends well with the antique finish of the tabletop. It features one generously-sized drawer and a shelf beneath that can be styled in a number of different ways. Place a basket filled with magazines on this lower shelf, or use this area to keep a stack of books or a collection of framed photographs.

The Felix Marble Nightstand is another stunning option. This nightstand is sleek and dignified, with an antiqued brushed metal frame with three shelves topped with white marble. It can be a simple and elegant addition next to your upholstered headboard, or use it to complement a wrought-iron bed frame for a classic look. The three shelves provide plenty of room to arrange an assortment of reading materials, a small vase of flowers, or a decorative candle.

When Berkus suggests adding a pair of vintage lamps to the room, he may consider something like this Farrand Metal Table Lamp from Wayfair. This charming piece brings to mind an old lantern with its open-cage design and matte black finish. It includes a pull chain that adds to its appeal, creating a vintage feeling that warms a room's ambiance. Next to the lamp, accessorize the tabletop with other nostalgic items, such as an antique clock or a collection of old books, then place a cheerful and leafy green plant on the tabletop for a pop of color.

The aged iron black finish of the lamp will provide a beautiful complement to other light fixtures in the room, such as the Perseus Traditional Chandelier. It has a handsome appearance and elegant shape, and its dimmer switch can transform the room from a brightly-lit breakfast area to a cozy and romantic space for a dinner of two. Adding a floor lamp with a black metal frame, such as the Janousek Black Traditional Floor Lamp, will enhance the beauty of the other light fixtures and complete the room's look.